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Individual and Group

Individual and Group

Introduction to Mindfulness

A 45-minute introduction to the practice of mindfulness meditation practice and guided meditation. May occur in an in-person setting or virtually. 


Life Coaching

A 60-minute goal setting session. This will be customized based on age/life stage.  This is a personalized session focused on identifying strengths and weakness, interests, barriers to success, and setting goals for the future. 


Image Consulting for the Professional Woman

Includes a one on one discussion of goals for professional styling, strengths and weaknesses of current professional style, and a deliverable of a suggested look book for the client to begin to build a professional style that incorporate your stated goals, reflects elements of your personal style, and creates a fresh look that projects confidence, self-awareness, and success.

Transformational Thinking for Young People

A 45 minute discussion tailored for elementary, middle school, or high school aged young people with the goal of sharing the experiences that shaped my journey to becoming a successful medical doctor and entrepreneur and using the lessons I've learned to inspire, uplight, and encourage young people to tap into their own gifts and greatness. 


Mindfulness for the Youth

This is an introduction to mindfulness practice for middle school and high school aged children. The purpose of this session is to demonstrate to young people how they may use mindfulness to calm their bodies, minds, & spirits and use this practice to help build self empathy, self awareness, and stillness.  

Selected Group Talks

Self-Care for the Caregiver

Defining care giver burnout, risks for developing burn out, strategies for prevention, and providing a framework for self-care of the caregiver.


Physician Burn Out

Defining physician burnout, risks of development, and identifying strategies for prevention individually and organizationally. Ends with a brief guided mindfulness session to use as a tool for provider self-care


Compassionate Doctoring

A discussion about the role of the compassionate doctor in the healthcare system; why compassionate doctoring first requires self-care; and suggestions for how to foster compassionate doctoring in your practice or organization. 


Mindfulness in Healthcare

An introduction to the use of mindfulness in the healthcare environment for providers, a guided mindfulness session and tips for how to incorporate this practice into your medical practice or organization. 


Stroke: A Call to Action

Lecture discussing the current trends in stroke, risk factor identification, stroke rehabilitation, primary and secondary prevention, and action items for the future.


Stroke Rehabilitation

Lecture that will focus on the modifiable and non-modifiable risk factors for stroke, most vulnerable population, holistic approaches to reducing risk, and stroke rehabilitation. 


What is Stroke and How to Prevent It

Discussion defining stroke, risks for stroke and heart disease, current trends in treatment of stroke and rehabilitation, and goals for prevention. 


Food is Medicine

A discussion about importance of healthy and holistic nutrition for the prevention and treatment of disease.


Exercise as Medicine

A discussion about the use of exercise to reduce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease and how to incorporate this into your daily life. 



What is it, why does it matter and what to do about it?


Sexuality and Disability

Discussion of the importance of maintaining intimacy after experiencing injury and/or disability. Includes specific challenges for people who have experienced weakness or paralysis after events such as spinal cord injury, stroke, brain injury, or other injuries. 


*Contact Dr. Ayanna directly for additional topics, information, and fees. 

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